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About Us

About US

We are international trade line, a leading company in the field of e-commerce, e-marketing, export and import with about 25 years experience in the market.

One of our main concerns is raising awareness about how to do business via e-commerce in multiple countries. Our business is headquartered in China with branches and operations in Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Dubai, Iraq, Libya, Jordan, Sudan and morocco.
Our main website is, , and we have additional 30 platforms for e-commerce and e- marketing projects. we have a large community in social media as well.

The Chairman of our company, Prof. Khaled Mohamed Khaled, is a pioneer e-commerce consultant and international speaker in Middle East and all Arab countries, China and Turkey. You can view his resume in his website, , he was the guest of more than 300 TV Business shows on most of Arab channels.

We are always looking for sustainable innovative business ideas to grow and strengthen your presence in the market.

As you know e-commerce depends on 3 main things— Products , payments and shipping. We have a very large Business network and relationships in all Arab countries, china and Turkey. We introduce our own website for shipping web guide for 200 countries.

We hope to get benifits from,

We, International trade line, would like to help all companies and factories to find the best shipping companies in all over the world.

You can have fruitful outcomes through that website .
We are aware there are a lot of shpping gateways in the world, and we are one of tgem , and we teach our clients how to use them. We came up with that idea of launching up our own brand name gateway as we have our audiences and communities already.

Thanks and Best Regards
Prof. Khaled M.K
General manager
International Trade Line